Biegli rewidenci, audyt i badanie sprawozdań finansowych, Łódź.

Our services are of high quality, including such features, as:

  • professionalism of execution;
  • detection of problems and pragmatism in their solving;
  • transfer of knowledge to the client.

Inspiration to creative changes – it is our value added for the client. Our competence is a result of experience obtained in contacts with different clients. We support progress of our clients.


Audit of financial statements

Our audit of the financial statements is not only verification of accuracy, correctness of statements and reliability of presented information but also an effective tool of improvement of functioning of organization, among others by means of:

  • recommendations within the scope of internal control;
  • giving remarks about efficiency of co‑operation among different sections of the company with accounting section and about efficiency of governance;
  • discussion of results of audit with personnel of accounting section, management board, supervisory board and its audit committee, and also with shareholders (on request).

Due to our audit, the management can improve the quality of financial reporting and managing of business risk.

We use checked modern methods of auditing based on International Standards of Auditing and on Polish standards.


Other areas of our activities

Review of the financial reports (annual and interim).

Review of consolidation files and procedures.

Assurance services, among others:

  • opinions and reports required by Commercial Companies Code;
  • different external audits, including audits of public finances, EU financing programs;
  • services based on securities law;
  • analysis of due diligence;
  • review of accounting systems.

Tax advising. Preparation, updating and audit of taxpayer's documentation of transfer pricing.

Commercial and economic opinions and expertises.

Valuation of companies, ventures and transactions.

Managing consultancy, assurance services demanding knowledge of accountancy or auditing, including in the domain of International Accounting Standards.

Training, education and publishing within the scope of accounting, auditing and taxes.

Managing of liquidation or bankruptcy.

Other services reserved for auditors.

We provide our services to Polish and foreign private entities and to public finances entities.

 Services offered

We offer a balanced point of view

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